Amelia’s Floral Nursery Mini Mural

A beautiful floral hot air balloon Nursery

Adding a personalised touch to Amelia’s room, a scheme she can grow with, instead of out of.

Deelwara got in touch in January 2022 after a mural for her little girl, Amelia’s nursery. She was just about to turn one and they had started the decoration with 1/4 white along the ceiling and then 3/4 pink beneath, but felt it needed something else, it was still too plain.

She and her husband Tufael wanted a floral design, to possibly incorporate her name and also liked hot air balloons as a theme. They wanted something to go on the wall with the cot, so I suggested a mini mural.

I liked the idea of incorporating the balloons and flowers together and came up with this initial sketch. We spoke through the design and I took on the feedback from Deelwara and Tufael. They sent across some other images that they had seen and loved and the design developed on to incorporate more flowers. I then decided to make all of the balloons out of flowers and petals, which I thought was a prettier concept.

The design was approved and the painting day came around quickly. We discussed the colour palette and I made sure I added more of the richer pinks and purples as the pink they had painted on the walls beforehand wasn’t quite what they had imagined and was a bit too “baby” pink.

Upon completion they wanted one more balloon painted, so I came back the following week and added the final balloon to their scheme

This is what Deelwara and Tufael said about the project and finished mural:

We wanted something that was unique and special. A feature in our daughters room which she will see as being her signature stamp to her own space.

Natasha from start to finish was amazing! She did lots of different sketches for us and made tweaks where we needed it.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed seeing behind the scenes and the story behind this project.

Designed and painted with love

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