Stanley’s Dinosaur Bedroom

A Dinosaur Den

“Everyone who visits the house gets a tour of Stanley’s room. We make up stories about the dinosaurs all the time too.” Deborah – Stanley’s mummy

Deborah got in touch with me asking if I could create a theme for her son, Stanley’s bedroom. They had just moved into a new house and were wanting to put their stamp onto the place to make it their home.

Stanley was about to turn 5 so she didn’t want anything too babyish that he would grow out of quickly and came up with these 3 themes, which were Stanley’s favourite – Space, Ocean and Dinosaurs.

Stanley’s room was white and had a sloping ceiling, Deborah had done wallpaper before and wanted something different which would work with the shape of the room, she wanted a design to fill the entire wall.

After some discussion and input from Stanley, we decided on the Dinosaur theme. Then all I could think about was a Diplodocus with his head through the clouds! Luckily for me Stanley loves ALL types of dinosaurs so this went down well.

My initial sketches of the design (always a quick sketch at this point) include the dinosaur walking along the wall where the shape is hugged and matched by the sloping ceiling, drawing the eyes up the dinosaurs neck. I created a waterfall mountain backdrop with trees in the foreground and a moonlit sky and indicated smaller details, like additional silhouette dinosaurs in the distance.

These sketches were then shown to Deborah (her husband) and of course Stanley for approval. It was a hit! We then discussed colours and agreed on a blue colour scheme.

After agreeing the design, colour scheme and price, we booked the mural in.

Painting day arrived and I got completely lost within the painting process I loved painting this one. The ombre effect just works with the sky and the pops of the brighter lighter blue just adds magic. When dad came in during the day, and the dinosaur had been painted, he said it would look really cool with a top hat!! (I agree – the beauty of a bespoke mural – you can add those quirky details if you want – he decided against it in the end)

As an added bonus with every project, I recommend some accessories that I feel would go nicely with the finished room – Deborah loved the card hanging dinosaurs from a party decoration shop and hung them where I suggested to finish it off along with adding some dinosaur footprints and make the mural come into the room.

This is what Deborah had to say about the process and finished mural:

Amazing from start to finish. We had a wonderful mural painted in my sons bedroom. We came up with a theme and rough brief and Natasha did the rest. Natasha shared her design drawings, we had the opportunity to give feedback and then with no fuss or hassle Natasha brought everything needed and created a masterpiece. I can’t recommend Little Personality Interiors enough.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed seeing behind the scenes and the story behind this project.

Designed and painted with love

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