Alina’s Space Bunny Mini Mural

A little corner of Space

A cute mini mural that includes Alina’s love of space and bunnies (space themes aren’t just for boys)

Lizzie got in touch looking for something a little special for her little girl Alina. We spoke about what she loves and if there was anything within the room that needed to be incorporated into the design. Lizzie wanted to keep the blinds as they were made to measure and had cute pom poms along the bottom and had a polka dot design. So I made sure that the colour scheme worked with the colours and there was an element of polka dot within the design so they worked nicely together.

Alina’s loves bunnies and space, so I created a mini mural that would go over her bed creating a corner of space, with planets, stars and astronaut bunnies (I just love them). This was the painted final design and would allow for shelving or framed photos and prints to be hung on the same wall. Lizzie just asked to change one of the rabbits slightly, the one jumping over the earth, to make it a little more chunky and less like a hare.

Lizzie loved this design and wanted to go ahead

This was the day of painting, it took me a day to paint and I provided all of the materials needed for the project.

I also, as a freebie, find some gorgeous little pieces, like accessories/ artwork/ prints and bedding to finish of the look. These are suggestions only but Lizzie loved what I sent over to her, with bunny cushions, pom pom throws and cute star bedding, she plans to purchase these to finish the room off.

This is what Lizzie had to say about the process and the finished mural:

I used Natasha’s talent in helping me make my little girl’s bedroom special. She was very creative in integrating planets and bunnies (slightly odd brief!!) – and gave lots of extra ideas on finishing touches for the bedroom too. Loved the whole process start to finish, so creative and stylish – and very reasonably priced! Highly recommend and will use again when I can!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed seeing behind the scenes and the story behind this project.

Designed and painted with love

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