Ishmael’s World map mini mural

Explore the world

A map with all of the family’s favourite landmarks

This world map mural was for a little boy called Ishmael. His mum, Deelwara, wanted an education mural but that also had some sentimental aspects.

The room was white and ready for some personality, we went through the themes and a world map was the choosen one. I spoke to Deelwara and asked if there were any specific landmarks that she would like to include. (due to their culture and religion she didn’t want any animals so we went for famous landmarks instead).

She then started telling me about her family and her culture and religion and I made sure to include all of them that were dear to her heart. Their mural was going to show off not only where places were but also the places they had been as a family and what meant the most to them – religious landmarks.

The family loved the design and along came painting day. This one took just over a day in the end as I wanted to ensure the landmarks were correct, so spent more time on these. When on site in the morning we also discussed the positioning and decided to have it slightly smaller than originally planned this was to allow for a low level bookcase or toy chest to go beneath to maximise storage. That’s the beauty of handpainted wall murals, they can be adjusted to suit.

Go check out Amelia’s nursery mural too as this is his little sisters room.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed seeing behind the scenes and the story behind this project.

Designed and painted with love

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