Myles’s Space Bedroom

Heading out to Space

This project and mural belongs to Vickie and her son Myles.

Vickie got in touch after being recommended by a previous client and friend. She was moving to a new town with her 2 boys, Myles and Josh. New town, new house, new school and finding new friends – it’s always going to be hard.

She felt the boys needed a space of their own, something they would love about their new move, something to be proud of and so we started talking about what they would want, to help them settle in.

Myles loves space and landscapes, Vickie didn’t want the scheme to be to dark with a space theme so I suggested an ombre sky so it wasn’t one block colour, then adding in the clouds and a big moon with mountains in the foreground to add depth. The rocket then shoots across the wall followed by the smoke.

This design was a hit and she loved the colours. Although the bedroom scheme was a surprise to Myles I was able to get Vickie to ask Myles what his perfect rocket would look like and what colours it would be, making sure I created this for him so he could add his own touch to the mural.

The mural took a full day to paint, Vickie warned me of the quality of the walls so when I removed the tape, it did take some of the paint off of the adjoining wall. I spent the time filling it back in and then painted over it with the paint she had left over to ensure it looked perfect. (there was no way I could have left without doing so)

This is what Vickie says about the process and the finished mural:

From start to finish Natasha was fantastic, very helpful and quick to communicate with. It’s really given the room a personalised feel and special surprise moving into our new house.

Thank you so much again Natasha. You are very skilled and we are so happy.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed seeing behind the scenes and the story behind this project.

Designed and painted with love

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