Tiffany’s Botanical Leaf Staircase

Bringing an element of the outside in

Nature is the greatest place to heal and recharge.

So this project started off a little differently than most, it started with a request to do her son’s nursery, then developed into doing the nursery and the stairs up to the master bedroom, then turned into just the staircase, let me explain….

Tiffany got in touch wanting something for her son’s room (Huxley), she was getting a bespoke bookcase made and wanted me to paint the different seasons around it. Well Covid hit and Huxley ended up sleeping in with Tiffany and has stayed there ever since (his room has been put on hold)

However Tiffany wanted to add a little personality to her landing room/ staircase up to the third floor master bedroom and loves leaves and botanical patterns.

I decided the best design would be for a mini mural to wrap around the space (painting only aspects instead of the entire wall) so I started drawing up different types of leaves and seeing what worked well together along with putting together a colour palette for it.

Tiffany loved how it looked and mentioned that her master bedroom was a deep blue, so I made sure that some of the leaves were in the blue to help it flow up to that space.

This project did take 3 days in the end, but that was because Tiffany asked me to paint the base coats of the walls first, to give it a fresh look, then the mural took 2 days to complete

I love the way this mural makes something of this awkward space that’s not big enough to call a room. I’ve even painted the reveal of the window green and the window ledge a lovely dark green too.

This is what Tiffany had to say about the process and the finished mural:

Natasha was so welcoming and understanding of my design needs. Very nurturing in the final design.

Extremely pleased. It really brings my small space to life , with my personal taste.

If you are considering renovating / decorating, please consider Natasha for a bespoke design. It will be something unique and beautifully crafted. Highly recommend.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed seeing behind the scenes and the story behind this project.

Designed and painted with love

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