Newcastle Landmark office

Bringing a piece of home with you

This home office in Northamptonshire was made out of childhood memories

Welcome to Andrew’s new home office!

This project was one of two for this couple (check out the world map nursery for their little one). Andrew asked after we had discussed the designs for their little one, whether I do murals for adults too 😋

“Of course I do, I just want to add a little personality to any room, whether it’s for kids or adults!”

He then showed me his office space. Like most of us I’m sure, Andrew was made to work from home during Covid and now only pops into the office occasionally. He had been staring at the blank white walls of his office for too long and wanted to make it his own. Andrew grew up in Newcastle and he loved the idea of bringing some of it with him by having some of the landmarks that have special meanings to him onto his wall.

Andrew is the first client to have actually drawn a sketch of his idea and presented it to me! (no it’s not the one below, that’s mine, his sketch was for my eyes only)

He went through all of the landmarks and added a few more along the way, I took this sketch home and created a mural based on his idea. I wanted the landmarks to be at a level that he could get the most appreciation out of and so designed it to have a bold block colour beneath with the line of landmarks at mid height (the right height when sitting at the desk).

He loved this and absolutely loved the rich blue beneath, which ended up wrapping around the entire room bringing it all together.

This project took 2 days to paint

Day one – base coat in the blue and drawing up the mural

Day two – painting the mural

This mural includes his favourite football teams stadium, the university he went to and other memorable places that he had visited and is proud of.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed seeing behind the scenes and the story behind this project.

Designed and painted with love

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