Marvel Inspired mini mural

Spiderman meets Batman

Combining two favourite marvel superheros into one mini mural

Through a recommendation from a previous client, Kirsty got in touch after a mural for her little boy, Elliott’s, bedroom.

They had just moved into a new house and they wanted to start making it their own. Elliott’s room was the first on the list so he could settle in and have a space that’s his.

This was where they wanted the mural – above his bed

Kirsty, and Elliott, wanted a marvel theme to his bedroom, so I came up with this design inspired by his 2 favourite characters, Batman and Spiderman.

To suit their budget, I designed a mini mural that would go above his bed. The two themes coming together with a yellow border.

Kirsty loved the design but wanted the spiderman side to have a different coloured border, so this was changed to a red (and then on painting day, after painting the red, we then changed it to black)

This design took a day to complete, even with a delayed start due to travel issues. I loved painting the bats flying out from the moon, the little details that can make a design, but also enjoyed the freeness of the strokes on the Spiderman side.

With all projects I return to take photos and videos as many of them aren’t finished until we are losing daylight or it’s gone completely. This works well as if there are any touch ups that I feel are needed or the client wants, I bring the paint back and sort these out. Which is what happened on this project. When returning for the photos I changed the border of the spiderman side from red to black as it just didn’t look right, and I wasn’t happy with it.

This is what Kirsty had to say about the process and the finished mural:

It’s more customised than wall stickers and wallpaper and you have an input in the design

Lovely service from start to finish. So easy to deal with and end result was amazing

Very… so happy

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed seeing behind the scenes and the story behind this project.

Designed and painted with love

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