Shanaya’s Princess Bedroom

A magical landscape fit for any little princess

A sense of calm and tranquillity for this enchanting mural

Alpa got in touch in March 2022 asking for some help with her daughter, Shanaya’s bedroom. They had painted a feature wall in a purple colour but wanted more. For this project I went to see the room as that was what she felt most comfortable with. I measured up the room and we discussed the colours and themes/ loves of Shanaya. It HAD to be Princess themed for this little girl.

Her favourite colours were pinks and purples so I created a landscape fit for a princess in that colour way. The sky would be an ombre effect going from purple to pink to yellow, like you would get at sunset. I designed a castle on top of the hill so it would still be visible with the headboard and wanted some flowing willow branches to create a tranquil feel.

The initial design went down really well and Shanaya asked if she could have some butterflies on there too. I asked her how many and she said 10, Alpa also mentioned that she like the idea of having some water in the mural as she finds it calming. So I added in a small waterfall and river with a queen swan.

The day of painting – I wanted to make sure the mural floated out of the clouds as the final design was to wrap around slightly onto the adjoining walls.

Alpa plans to get some nice new bedside tables and I’ve suggested some really cute swan themed accessories including drawer handles which would look adorable to style the room.

This is what Alpa said about the process and finished mural:

We were after something more customised for our little one.

Natasha did a fab job of the wall mural and we could see her passion flowing through her art

Very pleased.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed seeing behind the scenes and the story behind this project.

Designed and painted with love

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