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What is a mural?

A mural is any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall. It’s a large scale design that is designed to fit your child’s specific space – Bedroom – Playroom – Nursery

Does the mural have to cover the entire wall?

No it doesn’t – it can be any size you like.

How many walls can the mural cover?

The great thing about my hand painted murals is that it can literally be any size. It can be on just a small section of the wall – check out mini murals. It can fill an entire wall – check out full wall murals.

I can create wrap arounds that is a mural on multiple walls, it can even extend up onto the ceiling. It’s only limited by your imagination and budget.

What is the difference between the mini mural and the full wall mural?

A mini mural is painted on your existing wall colour and only covers a section of the wall

A full wall mural – is just that – the design covers the entire wall.

Why a wall mural?

It’s completely customisable to suit your child. Themes, colours, sizes can all be changed to express your little ones personality. If you want a dinosaur with a top hat – no worries, if you want bunnies, space and polka dots, lets do it!

Why would you recommend a wall mural over stickers?

Wall stickers are very temporary and can easily be peeled off seconds after you’ve just spent hours putting them up. A hand painted wall mural is little finger proof and completely baby safe.

Can you turn my child’s drawing into a mural?

Yes of course I can.

Do you do just children’s rooms?

I do love doing children’s bedrooms and am happy to discuss mural ideas for everyone else too. I just want to add a little personality to your homes – whether thats in your kids room, bathroom or living room!

Can you recommend what accessories & decorations to have with the mural to fit with the theme?

Yes I can, I have been an Interior Designer for 10 years and love creating an entire room scheme and would love to help furnish and accessorise my murals for a truly adorable room.

Can you incorporate decorations and furniture we already have?

Yes, that is not a problem at all.

Can you paint existing furniture to fit with the mural?

Of course I can, if that is something you are interested in we can have a chat.

Does the wall have to be in a certain way before you can paint the mural?

I require the intended wall to be free of holes, so all existing holes are to be filled prior to the mural painting.

If it’s a mini mural that you are interested in, opposed to the full wall mural, then the wall will need to be painted the colour you want it prior to my design. I can do this for an additional cost.

Can you paint anything?

I am happy to paint most things.

Due to certain companies licencing laws I won’t copy characters but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a room inspired by Marvel, Disney, Pixar etc

How long does it take to paint?

Most of the murals are painted within a day. It’s the way they have been designed, to fit in with parents and the children.

Family life is busy and no parent needs to cope with moving their child out of their room for a week!

What materials do you use?

I always use baby and pet safe paints. These have absolutely no nasty chemicals (100% VOC Free), have been tested and are baby safe certified, they are odourless and antibacterial.

No horrible paint fumes, no wide open windows! The perfect family paint.

Move the furniture back in afterwards and they can sleep in their new room that same night.

How do I commission a wall mural?

  1. Get in touch and talk about what you are after
  2. Send over photographs and dimensions of your child’s room
  3. An estimate price will be given
  4. Initial sketches are drawn up and presented via video for your comments
  5. Any changes are made based on your comments
  6. Final price presented based on the design, the size and the location of the mural
  7. Project agreed and then painted on arranged date

How do I pay and when?

Once a design has been approved a 50% deposit is required to cover the cost of the materials and to book your date. The remaining balance is then collected upon completion.

Payment Plans are available upon request based on the project.

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