Mila’s Woodland Playroom

From Little seeds, grow mighty trees

A beautiful neutral woodland theme for this little girls playroom

Kuldip and Chaz got in touch and wanted to know if I could design a theme based on Peter Rabbit for their little granddaughter Mila. The had converted their garage and wanted to create a playroom space for her when she came to visit.

I went to visit them with my initial design sketches, which they really liked. I don’t like to copy other artists work so based the design on Peter Rabbit and friends without copying the exact characters. As I explained to Chaz and Kuldip, the scheme would then have more longevity as kids grow out of characters pretty quickly.

Their granddaughter, Mila’s favourite character is Jamima Puddleduck, so I made sure I positioned a white duck on the pond in a prominent place.

We got talking and the design evolved into a wrap around design that would cover 3 of the 4 walls (the remaining one having a projector screen on) The design would then be around the middle of the wall to allow for storage beneath and so it was at a level that little Mila could see it and interact with.

They then asked if I could help them with the rest of it, furniture, styling etc – and of course I could, having been an Interior Designer for 10 years. The project was agreed to be a 3 wall woodland mural, base coats & woodwork painted and all furniture, soft furnishings and accessories to be sourced and bought – this was my biggest project to date and I can’t tell you how excited I was – definite happy dance around the kitchen!!

This project took 2 weeks in total (monday to wednesdays)

Day one – base coats on the walls

Day two – woodwork – sanding down and painting (skirting boards, door frames and cupboard doors) and then drawing up the mural

Day three – started painting the mural

Day four – continued with the mural

Day five – finished the mural and started bringing in the furniture and accessories

Day six – fitting furniture, shelves, artwork, styling and photos

This project was completed in time for Mila’s 1st birthday and during the project Chaz (grandad) asked for me to cover the glass door with a sheet so that none of the family could see it until the special day and the big surprise.

When it was finished, Chaz, got emotional (so did I) I was super happy with the final room and the fact he was speechless just made it even better – that’s why I love what I do.

Here is what Kuldip and Chaz had to say about the process and finished room:

Natasha is very professional and I trusted her all the way. I left her to her own judgement after briefly discussing what I wanted. Natasha was able to envisage what I wanted and certainly displayed that through her great work. Not only does she do the mural but works with you selecting all the soft interiors at great prices.

We were so pleased with the room and creates a very relaxing feel to all enjoy

I would certainly recommend Natasha, she is very friendly professional and trusting

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed seeing behind the scenes and the story behind this project.

Designed and painted with love

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