World map Nursery

You are our biggest adventure

A gorgeous gender neutral world map mural for a little one on the way

I met Janet & Andrew at the Baby Fayre Northampton, July 2022, they approached my stall and we got talking about what it is I do and they left their details with me. (this was my first ever Fayre and I was super nervous)

I messaged them to say thank you for coming over and having a chat and sent them the social media details in case they wanted to be nosey, next thing I knew, they got in touch and wanted to discuss a mural for their soon to be born baby.

I popped over to theirs and we discussed ideas, themes and colours, I measured up the space (new build property – all white walls) and they showed me their Pinterest board of ideas. I love it that they got so into the design, they could be a real part of the room with their own personal touches that you can’t get with wallpaper or stickers.

They agreed on the world map theme and wanted me to incorporate the colour/pattern from the existing blind and the gorgeous elephant canvas that they had already bought. So I then added little tribal details across the mural on the animals with little headdresses and used the colours to match (that was super fun)

Andrew really enjoyed the flexibility the designs gave to him as they chose each animal for the countries and also wanted me to put boxing gloves on the kangaroo! The design colour palette started off as neutrals but it just wasn’t quite right, so I added a splash of colour and it bought the mural to life.

The project was agreed and I went in to paint the base coats first, around the entire room and then the mural took 2 days to paint with all of the small details.

Both Janet and Andrew couldn’t believe that the paint was completely odourless, I had told them it was at the beginning as I only use baby safe, pet safe, odourless, antibacterial and voc free paints in all of my projects. They thought there would be a little smell at the very least – but no! (this always makes me smile – unbelievable)

And this is the final mural, I love the dashes across the countries as it breaks up what would have been large blank colours. My favourite animal, I’ll always have a soft spot for bears and whales but I love the monkey!

This project also has a second room too – go check out the Newcastle landmark office mural – this is Andrew’s home office scheme

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed seeing behind the scenes and the story behind this project.

Designed and painted with love

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